Bergoz LP-IPCT High Resolution DC Current Transformer

The LP-IPCT  is a High Resolution DC Current Transformer for non-intercepting DC current measurement with less than 3 microamps resolution. It’s ideal to measure battery leakage current (DC and AC), low current at high voltage, and standby systems charging currents. The LP-IPCT is based on the DCCT principle invented at CERN, the European Particle Physics Laboratory. It works on the Fluxgate principle, also known as second harmonic detector.


  • Inner aperture 30mm (1.18”)
  • Full scale from ±1 mA to ±2 A factory preset
  • Accuracy independent of primary conductor position
  • Withstands 100kA 4/10μs discharges
  • 100 times more precise than Hall effect sensors
  • Increased sensitivity with multiple primary turns
  • Two ±10V analog outputs available:
    • Full bandwidth output
    DC to 1 kHz (-3dB) response
    • Limited bandwidth output with reduced output noise
    DC to 200 Hz (-3dB) response


  • Battery leakage current, DC and AC
  • Standby systems charging currents
  • Return ground currents, DC and AC
  • Sum of currents
  • Small difference of high currents
  • Low current at high voltage
  • Power tube electrode currents
  • Electrostatic corona discharge
  • Electrochemically induced currents
  • Electrochemical and corrosion currents in pipes


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High Resolution DC Current Transducer


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