Our Research Interests

The study of conscious systems has become one of the most important area of inquiry in all of science. We are primarily interested in the neural, computational, and behavioral mechanisms through which a system (biological or artificial) becomes conscious.

How We Approach the Problem

Consciousness is a broad interdisciplinary field of scientific inquiry.

We draw from a number of scientific disciplines that include cognitive sciences, neuroscience, computer science, physics, and philosophy. This interdisciplinary approach allows us to capture converging expertise in exploring fundamental questions in the study of consciousness and the nature of reality. We use empirical, theoretical, and computational techniques in our investigations.

  • Neural Networks
  • Deep Learning
  • The Nature of Reality
  • Cortical bases of consciousness
  • Information Integration Theory

Consciousness & the Brain

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Evolutionary Game Theory

There probably is no more important quest in all science than the attempt to understand those very particular events in evolution by which brains worked out that special trick that has enabled them to add...color, sound, pain, pleasure, and all the other facets of mental experience.

- Roger Sperry (Nobel Laureate)