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Blog vs Online Magazine: Which One’s Yours?

6 Min Read

Set your priorities and decide whether your new WordPress publication is a blog or a magazine. This article will help you find the key differences between blogs and online magazines and give the right name to your website.

How to sell music online

How to Sell Music Online: Your Own and as a Reseller

22 Min Read

The music industry today offers a diverse array of opportunities to sell music online, extending far beyond the traditional model of hit singles and albums. In this digital age, musicians and entrepreneurs can explore various avenues to make money from music online.  If you want to know how to sell music online, here are some examples: Sell music downloads from…

How to sell shoes online

Where and How To Sell or Resell Shoes Online?

20 Min Read

With the rise of ecommerce and online shopping, more and more people are finding it increasingly convenient to buy products online. The footwear industry is no different, as this market segment has exploded online and is fast gaining traction with online shoppers, along with becoming a lucrative niche for online sellers.  Consider how, in 2023 alone, revenue from footwear sales…

How to sell furniture online

How to Sell Furniture Online? (1 Guide for All Seller Types)

22 Min Read

With the rise of emerging technologies, the growth of furniture ecommerce has been particularly significant. Selling furniture online presents unique challenges, especially when compared to smaller items like books or electronics. The ecommerce furniture sector, valued at approximately $27.7 billion in 2023, is projected to exceed $40 billion by 2030. For those considering integrating an ecommerce aspect to their physical…

How to start an online retails business

25 Easy Steps to Start an Online Retail Business in 2024

20 Min Read

Embarking on the journey of starting an online retail business holds immense potential in today’s digital landscape. With the global e-commerce market worth a whopping $3.63 trillion, and continually rising, now, more than ever, is the opportune moment to explore how to start an online retail business. This guide offers a detailed, step-by-step roadmap to walk you through all the…

How to start an online coaching business

26 Steps to Start an Online Coaching Business in 2024

20 Min Read

Discovering how to start an online coaching business is a fantastic way to expose your services to a wider audience and establish a thriving brand. The global online coaching market is approaching a value of $2.19 billion, which means that now is a golden time to start an online coaching business. Our goal is to provide you with a comprehensive…

How to start a t-shirt business online

11 Easy Steps to Start T-Shirt Business Online in 2024

19 Min Read

If you’re considering a new online venture, starting a t-shirt business could be a promising business opportunity. The global t-shirt market is continuously growing, with the custom t-shirt printing business alone expected to reach $3086.08 million by 2025, according to Statista.  Therefore, boundless opportunities unfold for those eager to sell t-shirt designs online in this swiftly growing market. This article…

How to start a jewelry business online

28 Easy and Practical Steps to Sell Jewelry Online in 2024

22 Min Read

Knowing how to start a jewelry business online is one of the best ways to give your venture the exposure it needs to attract new customers and grow your brand. With the global population spending $3.64 trillion on e-commerce platforms, it’s a market you can’t afford to miss out on. We have created this comprehensive guide so you can learn…

How to start a clothing business online

19 Practical Steps to Start a Clothing Business Online in 2024

17 Min Read

Over the last decade or so, the pace of e-commerce has been breathtaking. Just last year, in 2022, global retail e-commerce sales grew to a record high of an estimated 5.7 trillion USD. Compare this to 2014, when this was estimated to be 1.3 trillion USD, sales have increased by over 5 times in just 8 years.  The opportunity is…

Web Design Best Practices and Trends

Web Design Best Practices and Trends in 2023 (Checklist Included)

21 Min Read

In the digital age, good web design is more important than ever. Understanding and incorporating the latest web design best practices will help you craft a design that effectively communicates your message, influences visitors, and reach your website goals. However, the landscape of web design is a dynamic and ever-evolving field. Trying to research all the latest trends can leave…

How to convert Wix to WordPress

3 Simple Steps to Migrate Wix to WordPress in No Time

19 Min Read

You probably started off with Wix as a convenient and beginner-friendly way to launch a website. However, as your business grows, Wix’s limitations can stifle your ambitions. Migrating from Wix to WordPress can be the best way to unlock your online presence’s full potential. Unfortunately, Wix is a closed-loop system, and one of the ways it aims to keep its…

How to choose a domain

How to Choose a Domain Name That is Unique and Brandable

16 Min Read

When you want to establish an online presence, be it a blog, a portfolio, or a new online storefront, one of the first steps is deciding on a name. Usually, deciding on a business name will directly lead to choosing a domain name for your new venture. Your domain name can impact everything from your search engine ranking to the…