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Hostinger AI Website Builder Review

14 Min Read

The Hostinger AI Website Builder simplifies website building. It works for users of all skill levels. It uses generative AI to create websites. The websites are not just visually appealing but also tailored to your business or personal brand. In this detailed review, we will look at the features, editing capabilities, and pricing of Hostinger AI Website Builder. We will…

DIY Website Builders

17 Easy-to-Use DIY Website Builders That Require Almost No Effort

19 Min Read

In today’s digital age, a strong web presence is essential for any business that wants to stand out and thrive. One way to establish a strong web presence is through a website, a collection of interlinked web pages hosted on a web server and accessible over the internet. A website can help businesses generate leads,  reach broader audiences, offer self-services, …

Best Website Builders for SEO

7 Best Website Builders for SEO (Based on 7 Crucial Factors)

16 Min Read

Imagine a fancy restaurant with a great infrastructure and a long menu list with different cuisines but no or very few customers because it’s located at a strange, hidden location where it barely gets any audience traction, and the restaurant does not have enough social media presence. Sounds like a lot of effort going to waste, right? The same is…

AI Business Name Generator

5 Best AI Business Name Generators in 2023 (+ Domain Name)

11 Min Read

 With millions of start-ups entering the market yearly, having yours stand out is challenging. The US Census Bureau estimates that 4.4 million new businesses start every year. However, only 25% of those companies go beyond fifteen years. Of course, a myriad of factors exist for a business’s success. And a strong business name is a crucial one. However, generating…

Best Responsive Website Builders

16 Best Responsive Website Builders: Let’s Get Mobile-Friendly

16 Min Read

It’s no secret that having a mobile-friendly website is a must in today’s digital age. But building a mobile-friendly website can be a pain, especially if you’re not a coding wizard. Fortunately there are numerous website builders to help you create a professional-looking and user-friendly site without any technical know-how. In this article, we’ll explore some of the finest ones…

No Code Website Builders

Top 18 No-Code Website Builders to Create Your Dream Website

17 Min Read

Most businesses have always wanted to do without the technicalities that come with owning a website. They just want to ideate, create, experiment, and ship. Interestingly, no-code website builders have been answering to that in the last decade.  No-code technologies help businesses bring their ideas to life without spending so much on acquiring a developer or team of developers; no…

Best Website Builders for Small Businesses

12 Best Website Builders for Small Businesses to Save Time and Budget

18 Min Read

In today’s highly competitive business landscape, website builders for small businesses can be a lifeline for small enterprises that struggle to convert and retain customers through their online presence. Now more than ever, it is easier to spin up a website and publish it within hours, even without prior coding or website design knowledge.  Since every business has unique needs…

AI Website Builder: Fully Automated WordPress Website Creation in a Few Minutes

20 Min Read

In case you’re not already acquainted, please allow us to introduce something life-altering for website owners everywhere and groundbreaking for the web development industry in general: the very first AI Website Builder, a service you won’t find anywhere else on the market. The 10Web team of specialized software and machine learning experts has meticulously developed and continuously improved the AI…

magnifying glass that shows lines of code

10 Code Review Tools for Freelancers and Agencies

10 Min Read

Code audits are great but have you ever tried to facilitate that process with code review tools? No? Then it’s about time you start. And here’s why: Code review is a systematic check-up of your code with the sole purpose of finding mistakes in it. Basically, its purpose is quality assurance in software development. It’s also a great way to…

Best Online Tools for Any Business: Content Generators

How Content Generators Work and Why You Need One

11 Min Read

What do you do when “lorem ipsum” is not enough? Automated content generators are the rescue sometimes! Let’s see what you can generate.