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The Amazing WordPress Calendar Plugin

Organize and display events on your website with beautiful Calendar views

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The Amazing WordPress Calendar Plugin The Amazing WordPress Calendar Plugin

Can’t find a calendar plugin that meets all your needs?

Does organizing events take too much time?

Hard to find a calendar that matches your website design?

Can’t find all the necessary features in one calendar plugin?


Responsive and Mobile-Friendly

Display your events beautifully on any device: mobile, tablet or desktop.

Calendar and Widget Themes

Select from 17 calendar themes and 6 widget themes.

Unlimited Calendars

Add multiple calendars on your website or a single page, with unlimited events on each.

Add New Themes

Create custom themes and add them to your calendar.

Upcoming Events

Display upcoming events in a list with a customizable sidebar widget.

Beautiful Views

Display events in 4 beautiful views: Month view, List view, Week view & Day view.

Recurring Events

Create recurring events with an automatic repeat rate: daily, weekly, monthly or yearly.

Event Categories

Create categories and assign them to your events. Mark each category with a color to identify easily.

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Fast response time

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Quick issue resolution

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4.4 Based on 258 Real Users Reviews
Have been searching for a calendar with all the features present in the WordPress Spider Calendar. The straight foward input, format customizations have proven themselves for a client with many events and special dates, often updated or with detail changes. Integrated perfectly.
Spider Calendar provides exactly the functionality I was looking for. I used it on a client’s website as a replacement for a competing calendar (which I had used on my own website, but had to hack the code). I particularly like the ease of adding or modifying calendar entries, especially as I will have to teach other people how to do this. Support is superb!
Have been using this product for a while and really like it. One of the best calendar programs out there for WP!

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