Projected Field Electromagnets

5201 Horizontal Projected Field

Horizontal Projected Field Electromagnet. Open access for probes, lasers, and microscopes.

  • Mass = 2 .1kg
  • 70 x 60 x 120mm
  • In-plane field of 0.35T @ z=2mm
  • In-plane field of 0.1T @ z=12mm
  • Peak excitation 20A/20V
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5203 Vertical Projected Field

Vertical projected field electromagnet. Open access, Field primarily perpendicular to magnet surface.

  • Mass = 2 .5kg
  • 74 x 74 x 123.5mm
  • Interchangeable poles
  • Perpendicular field of 0.5T @ z=5mm
  • Perpendicular field of 0.4T @ z=10mm
  • Peak excitation 100A/30V
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5204 Vector Projected Field

Projected vector field magnet providing field of any orientation at a location above the magnet surface.

  • Mass = 2 .5kg
  • 74 x 74 x 123.5mm
  • Projected vector field up to 0.3T
  • Interchangeable pole extensions
  • Any mounting orientation
  • Up to 200 Hz operation
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5205 large

5205 Vertical Projected Field

Low profile projected vertical field magnet providing uniform Bz field at a location above the magnet surface.

  • Mass = 1.3kg
  • 92 x 92 x 32.6mm
  • Perpendicular projected field (±5%) up to 50mT @ z=5mm
  • High operating temperature
  • Variable pole geometry
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5207 Vertical Projected Field

System primarily designed for integration into probe stations for MRAM test. The location of the pole face can be adjusted precisely to be located relative to the DUT with high accuracy.

  • Mass = 20kg
  • 1.5T perpendicular field @ z=2mm
  • 196mm outer ø x 122mm H
  • Any mounting orientation
  • Continuous excitation 35A/50V
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HTS-110 2T Projected Field

Compact HTS-110 Magnet with 2T Bz field perpendicular to the surface of the magnet

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