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Customizable Drag&Drop MailChimp Plugin for WordPress

Easily build complex subscription forms and grow your email list

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Customizable Drag&Drop MailChimp Plugin for WordPress Customizable Drag&Drop MailChimp Plugin for WordPress

Is integrating MailChimp on your website a struggle?

Do you find standard subscription forms too limited?

Looking for a way to gather additional data from your visitors?

Is it hard to match your forms with your website design?


Easy Setup

Use the API key from your MailChimp account to connect in a click.

Protection from Spam

Set up a Captcha to avoid spam.

Variety of Custom Fields

Choose from a variety of custom fields to build just the form you need.

Conditional Logic

Automatically show or hide form fields depending on selected conditions.

Drag-&-Drop Interface

Just drag and drop field elements to build a form in a few clicks.

PayPal Integration

Directly receive PayPal payments from subscribed users.

Multiple Display Options

Choose one of the four ways to display your forms: Embedded, Popup, Toolbar, and Scrollbar.

Submission Manager

Get an in-depth overview and statistics of your submissions.

Customizable Notifications

Send out custom subscription emails for each form. Customize thank you messages, error messages, etc.

Export Submissions

Export lists and submitted data in CSV/XML format.

Pre-Built Themes

Choose one of our thirteen themes or create your own.

Customer Care

Fast response time

You'll never have to wait more than 5 minutes.

Quick issue resolution

Resolving an issue takes 24 hours max.

Ask any question anytime

We're ready to take on any WordPress question.

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3.8 Based on 23 Real Users Reviews
I’ve spent a lot of time looking for Plugins that allow you to easily format Mailchimp for free. This one does the trick!
Once I installed and connected the plugin to my account, it kind of got a hint of automatic service. It allowed to choose the list, the form and got me straight to the form creation. This is how nice people save your time. Plus it included my theme styling option, which is cool as well.
I have been using a form plugin and was trying to integrate it with MailChimp and it turned out it takes a lot of integration to make those two work together. I was sooo disappointed. And I came across this plugin, which made my recovery way faster. In just a few minutes I created a form which got automatically integrated with my MailChimp forms. Thanks God!

Steps for integrating MailChimp

Buy WD MailChimp Forms

Buy WD MailChimp Forms

Build a subscription form

Build a subscription form

Publish your form

Publish your form