Fluxgate Probes

Bartington Mag-01H System Photo

Bartington Fluxgate Magnetometer, 1-axis

This standalone single axis fluxgate magnetometer is a portable, high-performance instrument. It provides measurement and display of the intensity of static and slowly varying magnetic fields in the direction of the probe.

  • Range from 0.1nT to 2mT
  • Axial and Transverse Probes
  • Cryogenic Probes
  • High-vacuum Probes
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Bartington Mag-01H D/I System

The Mag-01H D/I system consists of a precision single-axis fluxgate magnetometer mounted on top of a non-magnetic theodolite.

  • Excellent angular precision to at least 6 seconds of arc
  • Low noise and offsets
  • Non-magnetic Wild T1 theodolite


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Bartington Fluxgate Magnetometer, 3-Axis, Low Noise

Bartington 3-Axis Fluxgate Sensors are compact, high performance fluxgate sensors with integral electronics that provide precision measurements of static and alternating magnetic fields in three axes.

  • Range: ±70, ±100, ±250, ±500, or ±1,000µT
  • Output: ±10V Full Scale
  • Bandwidth: DC to 3kHz
  • Noise: <6pT/√Hz at 1Hz
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Bartington Fluxgate Gradiometer, Grad601

The Grad601 is a land use single-axis gradiometer with a 1m separation between the two fluxgate sensors.

  • 1m separation
  • 1 or 2 gradiometer sensors
  • Turnkey system incl. battery, logger and carry case
  • Cart based system available
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Bartington Fluxgate Magnetometer, 3-axis, High Temp

High temperature fluxgate probes for operation to 175° C or 215° C.

  • Directional drilling.
  • Measurement while drilling (MWD).
  • Borehole tool attitude monitoring.
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Bartington Fluxgate Sensors, 3-axis, Miniature and Low Power

Bartington Fluxgate Magnetomers with lower power, smaller size, wide bandwidth or lower cost for applications such as probe arrays.

  • Low Power: Mag648/648
  • Miniature Size: Mag612
  • Wide Bandwidth: Mag639
  • Lower Cost: Mag690
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Bartington Fluxgate Gradiometer, 3-axis, Digital

Grad-13 provides high resolution vector measurements of the strength and direction of magnetic fields on land or in water.

  • Baselines from 500mm to 1000mm
  • Land and submersible (200m) versions
  • Measuring range of ±70 or ±100μT
  • Integral three-axis accelerometer with ±2g range
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Bartington Fluxgate Magnetometer, 3-axis, Space

Spacemag-Lite is a compact three-axis fluxgate magnetometer for spaceflight applications. Built from commercial off the shelf components to control cost in CubeSat applications.

  • Conforms with ‘Pumpkin’ CubeSat PCB specifications
  • Vacuum compatible
  • Noise: ≤ 20pTrms/√Hz at 1Hz
  • Probe-only and PCB schematics version available
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