High Field Superconducting Dipole Electromagnets, HTS-110 XT

HTS-110’s versatile new range of iron-yoke split-pair magnets are available in standard configuration up to 7 tesla.

Key advantages include:

  • Cryogen-free operation with fast cool down
  • Rapid ramping in excess of 3 T/s
  • Zero to full field in <30s


  • MOKE (Magneto-optic Kerr effect)
  • Hall probe calibration
  • VSM system
  • Hall effect measurements
  • Transport measurements

Performance and Versatility

  • Fast ramping option
  • Fast cool-down
  • Magnet can be designed to suit customer’s required sample orientation
  • Large lateral sample access port.Multiple access ports
  • Cold-head top or side mounted for maximum compatibility
  • Can be designed to accept third-party variable temperature sample probe

Multiple pole options

  • Adjustable pole gaps up to 25mm via shims
  • Removeable poles to accommodate large axial inserts
  • Customizable range of user changeable poles for specialist applications, including high homogeneity and tapered bore poles (for optical access)

Easy to use

  • No cryogen handling, storage, level monitoring or pressure-vessel safety issues
  • No specialist training required to operate
  • Compact magnet with low stray field (without active shielding)
  • Split-yoke option for assembly around existing equipment, such as UHV beamlines

Easy to Site

  • Compact sized magnet
  • Very low fringe field
  • Magnet power supply and compressor can be sited remotely, up to 10 m from magnet