Senis 3MH6-E High-Precision Teslameter with Interchangeable Hall Probes

Low Noise Teslameter with integrated Hall probe incorporates a high accuracy magnetic field-to analog-voltage transducer with a high-level, temperature compensated output signal for each of the three components of the measured magnetic flux density: Bx, By and Bz. A digital module is additionally applied to the analog transducer to form the digital Teslameter. Digital Teslameter provides the possibility of automatic data acquisition via a USB serial interface by a
host computer. In this way, customers can easily integrate a measurement routine into their measurement system using its programming tools such as C, C++, C#, Python, Delphi, LabVIEW, etc.

The temperature measurement feature allows user to obtain current temperature values while monitoring the magnetic field.

The transducer consists of two modules:
1. Interchangeable Hall probe with various cable length (Module H), and
2. Electronics (Module E).

The Low-Noise Digital Teslameter is a high accuracy, temperature very stabilized device for the precise measurement of magnetic field.
Each Teslameter is calibrated with the individual correction data for the connected probe, so the Hall probe is interchangeable, by keeping the same accuracy of 100ppm.


  • 4 selectable magnetic field measurement ranges: ± 100mT, 500mT, 2T, 20T (calibrated up to ±9T)
  • DC measuring accuracy: 0.01% (100ppm) of measurement range
  • Probe Interchangeability: available for all 4 Ranges
  • Magnetic resolution: 2ppm (24bit A/D conversion)
  • Frequency bandwidth: DC – 2.5kHz (-3dB)
  • Selectable Sampling rate (selectable): up to 7.5kSamples/sec
  • Selectable averaging time: 1 Sample to 100 Samples
  • Temperature stability of sensitivity: 20ppm/°C of reading
  • External trigger: Single Shot and Manual (measurement time interval: 0.1sec to 5min) / Continuous (up to 7.5kHz)
  • Measured data recording: selectable storage interval 0.5 – 60sec (up to 300 days)


  • Teslameter with integrated C type 3-axis Hall Probe (Bx, By, Bz) and Temperature sensor
  • Measurement of DC & AC magnetic fields
  • Probe interchangeability is ensured (Interchangeable Hall probes with calibration data stored in an integrated EEPROM)
  • Very high magnetic DC resolution: better than 1ppm (@2T range: 1µT for planar and 2µT for perpendicular components of field)
  • Auto range, zeroing, hold, Max/Min values
  • Triggers internal and external – Single shot, Manual and Continuous
  • Selectable units in gauss (G) and tesla (T)
  • Embedded computer (GUI on Android)
  • Remote data acquisition & visualization PC Software runs on Windows 10/7 (over USB device port)


3MH6-E 3-Axis Digital Teslameter

Note: 15% discount on two probes of the same type with same calibration.

Part No.DescriptionPriceIn Stock

Digital Teslameter with USB and Ethernet Digital Interfaces accepting a Pre-Calibrated, Three-Component Hall Probe. 88-264Vac, 47-63Hz, 1.5A.
Includes 3MH6-E-Cord-US.


Transit Case for 3MH6-E Teslameter and Probes (Included, no charge)

No Charge

US AC Power Cord (Included, no charge)


EU AC Power Cord (Included, no charge)


C-type Hall Probe, Calibration, Three-Component, one additional range (100mT, 500mT, 2T)


C-type Hall Probe, Calibration, Three-Component, 20T range to +/-9T


C-type Hall Probe, Calibration, Three-Component, 20T range to +/-5T


Measurement of the x, y, z position of the C-type Hall Probe Sensitive volume with +/-6um tolerance


C-type Hall Probe, Three-Component, Four-Range, 2m Cable, Fully Calibrated, Range (specify 100mT, 500mT, 2T or 20T Calibrated to 2T)


C-type Hall Probe, Three-Component, Four-Range, 5m Cable, Fully Calibrated, Range (specify 100mT, 500mT, 2T or 20T Calibrated to 2T)


C-type Hall Probe, Three-Component, Four-Range, 10m Cable, Fully Calibrated, Range (specify 100mT, 500mT, 2T or 20T Calibrated to 2T)


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